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Coffee Groups

Parents Centre Coffee Groups are a great way to meet other parents.

To network with other parents at the same stage as you, experiencing similar challenges and joys, is confidence boosting and very rewarding.  These coffee groups can become a lifeline especially if you find the early months more challenging than you expected.

We arrange the essential ‘Coffee Group’ for mums and babies to attend with other participants as part of a Pregnancy and Childbirth Course. A lot of our Coffee Group participants become lifelong friends, sharing milestones and memories as their children grow.

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CPR and First Aid (for parents and caregivers)

Whether you have children or are expecting, in just two hours you can learn vital lifelong skills that could save your child’s life! Learn the two different techniques needed for babies and children, and what to do in a choking situation. This course will also cover all the basic first aid knowledge every parent needs.

From managing high temperatures, to knowing what to do for everything from bleeding and burns to poisoning.

Classes are taught by a qualified tutor from FETS (Fire Emergency Training Services).

Classes are held about every 3 months and cost $35 for a member of Mana Parents centre, and $45 for a non-member.

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Water Confidence

This classroom based interactive seminar gives you techniques and practical ideas as well as wonderful games and songs for lots of water based fun in the bath, shower, paddling or swimming pool.

In association with Easyswim swim school, learn how to help you and your baby gain confidence and enjoy being in the water from an early age.   This class is appropriate from newborn onwards.

Along with the benefits of attending an informative seminar, you will receive a voucher for babies aged between 3 and 6 months to swim free* with Easyswim along with practical take-home material and a sample swim nappy.

*To be used within 2 months of the session date.

Classes are held about every 3 months and cost $5.

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